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What is Green and Blue Futures about?

We are developing a strategic framework for managing Europe's nature sites, parks, open space, woodlands & waterways in a more cost-effective way that can be promoted throughout north west Europe.

These assets are often managed by local authorities or other public agencies and there is increasing pressure on public sector funds so involvement of the social economy in resource management by not-for-profit organisations can only help. Such an approach involves local stakeholders as well as delivering social outcomes like employment for disadvantaged groups.


The Social Enterprise Zone

Work experience

Improving soft skills; attitude through and towards employment, education or training. Improving hard skills or technical knowledge through and towards employment, education or training. Increasing awareness of work opportunities and career possibilities in the field

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Community involvement

Engaging all members of the community. Creating awareness, pride and a sense of ownership of the local environment. Developing community cohesion.

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Social enterprises

Creation of new social enterprises. Improved support for existing social enterprises. Growth of social enterprises and their impact.

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Improved understanding and awareness of importance of natural environment and heritage. Improved access and enjoyment of natural environment and heritage. Reduction of impact on the natural environment. Creation of a more sustainable environment

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